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Our Eco Action

Community saving our Natural Environment.

A discussion with a guest panel talking about what they are doing in North Kensington for the Environment.

Panellists & Artists

Local Mother and Gardener.
North Kensington Community Energy
NKCE is a community benefit society. We own the solar panels and are the company through which funds are raised. Community benefit societies are legal entities whose statutory purpose is to serve the broader interests of the community. By using this model we ensure that financial returns are locked into the borough, delivered back to the community, thereby delivering a truly socially responsible energy project. ... https://www.repowering.org.uk/north-kensington-community-energy/
Wornington Tress
Wornington Trees is a campaigning group that was set up to oppose the destructive tree felling on Wornington Green Estate undertaken by Catalyst Housing and RBKC council and the lack of meaningful consultation with residents and the wider community during the regeneration. https://www.worningtontrees.com/