Over 200 comments by those who signed our petition to keep North Kensington Library building on Ladbroke Grove in public use. The petition was was heard by a full council meeting on Wed 19 Oct 2016.

Mary Gardiner 23rd of April 2016
“I love Ladbroke Grove Library. It is in the right place for a local library. Myself, my 3 children and five of my grandchildren have used it from the 1970s until now.”
Janice Sweeney 23rd of April 2016
“We the residents of rbkc use this library regularly Granddaughter does homework there I take grandchildren there to browse the books and read a story together and my daughter in law studies there It's so unfair to take a beautiful building away from so many for use for so few!!!!”
Rebecca Brierley 23rd of April 2016
“I am a primary school teacher in North Kensignton and very concerned about the community asset stripping of local venues, and of the lack of value placed on the heritage of these in relation to the people those places were set up to serve.”
Elizabeth Spring 23rd of April 2016
“The beautiful building was created to be a public resource and given as such to all the residents of North Kensington. It is simply wrong to hand it over to a private school with no consent at all from the local people who love it and use it so well. Makes me despair that our council can't see what is of real value and help sustain it.”
Caroline Lander 24th of April 2016
“This area has a lot of young people who rely on the library. They don't have much else in the area anymore also the older generation need the library. Not all residents are as fortunate as others and it would be criminal to starve the less fortunate of a great asset to the whole community.”
Cynthia Dize 24th of April 2016
“Concern over the growing privatisation of public spaces.”
Bee Benton 24th of April 2016
“This lovely building should be used by everyone, not just those able to pay. Let the prep school build new premises. I am disabled and access is excellent. Keep our library for all of us - I may be poor but I can appreciate using beautiful buildings, don't shunt us out of the picture into some anonymous new build.”
Sarah Harrison 24th of April 2016
“The library is a much loved and well used community resource. The community will not benefit from the private school. The increasing number of private schools is creating an apartheid-like education division within North Kensington. Not good.”
Sarah Harrison 24th of April 2016
“The library is much loved and well used. The last thing we need is yet another private primary school in this area.”
Helen Shakespeare 24th of April 2016
“Nova New Opportunities has a great relationship with this library, we take our literacy and ESOL students there to use the services on offer, we also use the space for classes, a brilliant venue!”
Edward Daffarn 24th of April 2016
“This much loved library must remain open for public use and not simply handed over to the Notting Hill Prep School.”
Liz Rivers 24th of April 2016
“I go to this library all the time. A fantastic local resource. Please think of the community and not private enterprise, i.e. a private school for profit.”
Stephen Thomas 24th of April 2016
“the library building should be for public use.”
ANGELA COX 24th of April 2016
“I love this Library since I was a child There's is to many private prep schools in the area Keep our Library”
Jonathan Pandy 24th of April 2016
“I grew up using this beautiful Victorian library. It was built with public donations for the public. Not a plaything for private prep school parasites. Our community, our library/”
Tommy Kennedy 24th of April 2016
“Libraries must stay”
Carolyn Malsher 24th of April 2016
“This area can't afford to lose such an amazing resource. I don't think the multipurpose space proposed to replace it will be adequate.”
Moira Conway 24th of April 2016
“I teach nearby and I frequently take my students to use the library. It is a great space and is much valued by all sectors of the community.”
Teresa Cleary-Smart 24th of April 2016
“This is a vital resource for many people in the area, in particular the older residents.”
John Parkes 24th of April 2016
“I use the library”
Rodney Reid 25th of April 2016
“I have been using the library for more than 10 years. Books and computers are made accessible to the community along with other services. Without this far too many people would be at a loss”
Sally Wood 25th of April 2016
“I'm signing because I use the library - it is very close to where I live and work. The central library is a long walk.”
Sharon Price 25th of April 2016
“Sharon Price W10 6SX”
Jennifer Nadel 25th of April 2016
“It is an important public building that should be kept for public use”
Bidita Sadiq 25th of April 2016
“I am a long time resident of Notting Hill, my daughter used this library as a child and it is an essential and vital part and symbol of our society.”
Lesley Burgess 25th of April 2016
“Save our library”
Alessandra Amorim Leach 25th of April 2016
“I'm signing because we want to keep our library where it is!”
Conrad Leach 25th of April 2016
“I'm signing because this library must remain a library. Move it and that is the beginning of the end for this fantastic library.”
Tom Balogh 25th of April 2016
“This is a vital resource for local people.”
Claire Simmons 25th of April 2016
“RBKC does not have a mandate to gift this public building to a private prep school without any consultation. This is our library, hands off!”
Robert Larkins 25th of April 2016
“RBKC needs to consider the wishes of North Kensington and protect community assets. Consultation is needed, not cosy deals behind closed doors”
Gemini Verney-Dyde 25th of April 2016
“We have to fight for our community resources.”
Judith Edwards 25th of April 2016
“Let's keep[ our commodity heart beating: please save our library and put it to some com unity use!”
Drusilla Verney 25th of April 2016
“This has been used by me,my children and grandchildren....and many of my friends and their it part of the ciommunty”
Vanessa Jacobs 25th of April 2016
“I use this library every weekend with both my children and disabled neighbour's 3 children”
Siglinde Buhl 25th of April 2016
“We use the library for research”
Pat Terry 25th of April 2016
“I have lived in Lancaster Road for nearly seventy years and have used the library from early childhood to the present day.”
Sarah Hann 25th of April 2016
“I use the library and think it is a role of Councils to have them available for those with less money to buy access to knowledge”
Wendy Young 25th of April 2016
“We need libraries!!”
Sonya Skinner 25th of April 2016
“I grew up in shepherds Bush and visited this library. It is a lovely building and should be for public use.”
Christina Alkaff 25th of April 2016
“I'm signing because we need this library and where it is. There is a lift in the children's section (wheelchair accessible) so in my view it's still fit for purpose. Also, I don't want to see another of our public spaces/facilities going to private education and causing further inequality in our part of the borough. The state/free provision is good and should be supported.”
Maureen Makromallis 25th of April 2016
“I am a regular user,especially since my retirement. It is such a pleasant experience being able to walk to such a great facility.”
Rowan Chubb 25th of April 2016
“Libraries are where anyone can educate themselves, regardless of personal wealth.”
Moon Ferguson 25th of April 2016
“We need t keep some community buildings”
Billy Edwards 25th of April 2016
“This prep school must not take the library, they have enough money to go elsewhere”
Ann Makariou 25th of April 2016
“Libraries are so important for the community”
Mary Lambert 25th of April 2016
“We need this Library in North Kensington”
Hugh Fraser 25th of April 2016
“I use this library more than ever. It's a vital resource. Its location is highly convenient for me and many others. We have not been given details of the problems that have led the Council to consider closing the library, which is a hisorically significant local landmark.”
Moyra Samuels 25th of April 2016
“Hands off our community spaces.”
Ris Fatah 25th of April 2016
“I don't think due process has been carried out re the decision to give the space to a private business”
John Henwood Henwood 25th of April 2016
“I first used this library 61 years ago and as a child it introduced me to books and reading. It has been a valuable facility for so many people and it would be criminal for RBKC to allow its closure”
Lisa Nash 25th of April 2016
“The Borough are intent on closing community assets without due consideration or concern as to how this will impact on the local residents in North Kensington”
Cristina Ellegaard 25th of April 2016
“We don't want to loose our lovely community library”
Brian Montague 25th of April 2016
“A pubic library is an essential service and should be funded by the local authority.”
Rebecca Frank 25th of April 2016
“I used to live opposite the library, and took my daughter there on maternity leave often. Absolutely ridiculous for it to be anything but a public resource.”
Alison Nagle 26th of April 2016
“I host a shared reading group for the Reader Organisation at North Kensington Library. It is always packed with people and an invaluable resource.”
Ben Joseph 26th of April 2016
“This library is used by children and adults of all backgrounds and education and provides all with an education and outlet for quiet thinking - as it has done successfully for me and my family for all my life. This experience should be available to all future generations, not just privately educated kids”
Robert Atkinson 26th of April 2016
“I am tired of seeing public assets 'found lacking' for spurious reasons and then flogged off to the private sector”
Brian Nevill 26th of April 2016
“It's my local library and I use it.”
Lindy McDonnell 26th of April 2016
“We live next door to the library. We use it. Love the building and the library in turn has been very kind to us support wise, and as a study facility.”
Nicola Williams 26th of April 2016
“Becauseit is an important part of the local community.”
Pamela Plumbly 26th of April 2016
“I used to live near, now in Suffolk which has great service”
Amanda Waggott 26th of April 2016
“I love this local library very close to my home”
Robin Garton 26th of April 2016
“The council has an obligation to support the community at large not sell assets, for short term financial gain, to private organisations for the benefit of the few.”
Sue Snyder 26th of April 2016
“I am opposed to the lack of local consultation on the changes. I might not in principal be opposed to the idea of a new state of the art library, but we should be consulted.”
Sadat Sayeed 26th of April 2016
“This is yet another disgraceful movement of public property into private ownership.”
David Godfree 26th of April 2016
“Everyone uses the library. It's for all not just the few and cutting a public service simply to start a prep school is the worst face of a borough council!”
Christine Wise 26th of April 2016
“it's a community asset which is irreplaceable”
Georgina Fitzmaurice 26th of April 2016
“A library is for everybody. A private prep school serves only a few of the privileged.”
Sarah Colbourne 26th of April 2016
“We need a library for all not another private school for some !!!”
Emma Wood 26th of April 2016
“We have already seen the quantity of books reduced in the borough's libraries and acquisition has drifted badly. This building is of historical importance to libraries - it was built as a result of a movement. It would be a retrograde step if it were to be sold. No return to Dickensian London!”
Karen Cromer 26th of April 2016
“I am so angry with the constant limiting of any kind of service to the community.”
Mark Troop 27th of April 2016
“How dare they”
Matt Hale 27th of April 2016
“Libraries are essential resources and a legacy not to be squandered. Government's fault due to cuts to local gov and rates capping”
Maggie Morrow 27th of April 2016
“library is essential”
Melissa BRIERLEY 27th of April 2016
Mary-Lu Bakker 27th of April 2016
“People need a warm place to read and learn and meet. Library's are so important to all generations.”
Franco Caprino 27th of April 2016
“Library is important”
Beryl Foster 27th of April 2016
“A good library isat the heart of a community and a force for good.”
Mike Griffin 27th of April 2016
“Communities need libraries, not private prep schools.”
Shaden Ahmed 27th of April 2016
“It's a library for goodness sake. What serves a community better than a library?!”
Ben Parker 29th of April 2016
“Libraries are an important public resourse and should take pride of place in our community!”
Phyllida Barr 29th of April 2016
“I'm a keen RBKC library member. Libraries are vital to self development of many people and maintaining mental health for many older people.”
Sheelagh Leith 29th of April 2016
“A Library enables everyone to have access to books, papers and information irrespective of income. It includes everyone, empowers children to have aspirations and a prosperous future to benefit the whole community”
John Neville 29th of April 2016
“I think the circumstances around the offering of our library to a private school need proper independent scrutiny”
Jane Adams 30th of April 2016
“I use this Library all the time”
Annie Henry 1st of May 2016
“Keep our public library as a public library. Council, please note that you will lose votes if you don't save our library from the property developers.”
Kim Sadler 1st of May 2016
“Soooo fed up with seeing the area I grew up in flogged off to the rich & powerfull!!!!!”
Jeremy Travers 2nd of May 2016
“As a qualified Librarian and someone who used to work in North Kensington Library I know how valued this public resource is.”
Natasha Francis 3rd of May 2016
“I have used This library for my whole life 37 years, and my son now uses it. It's an important part of the community and with it gone there will be no library resource in the local area, which will affect 100s of families! Please we must keep this library open!!”
Chris Stuart 3rd of May 2016
“I have family in the area with children who need this facility!!”
Lesley English 3rd of May 2016
“It should remain a beautiful library for the local community.”
Rahima Bibi 3rd of May 2016
“Because we need that library!”
Samma Joseph 4th of May 2016
“Stop taking away libraries from our children. Education not segregate”
David Adeniran 4th of May 2016
“This is mine and my daughters library i've used for over 30 years and don't want it closed nor want it to be a private prep school.”
Kirby Sayer 8th of May 2016
“I used this library as a child and still use it occasionally”
Kristian Parker 8th of May 2016
“RBKC should be focusing on preserving and even expanding the provision of pubic assets. As a born and bred local resident, who was educated and now teaches within the borough, I totally abhor the unscrupulous deconstruction of the public amenities that serve the sections of the community who need them most.”
Gemma Parker 8th of May 2016
“It's my childhood and family library. Really needed in the area for children and adults. Such fantastic resources and support available for all. It would be such a shame if it was no longer available.”
Jenny Cavanagh 9th of May 2016
“Having lived in Ladbroke Grove for 15 years the library is a much needed service now and forever. Libraries and their facilities need to be accessible to all, always.”
Joseph Charles 9th of May 2016
“I want my brother and niece to have access to a library.”
Grainne Palmer 10th of May 2016
“The library is the heartbeat of learning outside school. Please do not close the library.”
Hoda Mohanna 11th of May 2016
“These public facilities are important for any area, and to replace it with a private prep school works against the interests of the community at large”
Rogaya Alkaff 11th of May 2016
“I grew up in Ladbroke Grove and regularly used this library. It was a formative part of my childhood. Although I now live far away, I still use the library during the couple months of the year I come back to Ladbroke Grove to stay with family. In winter especially, it is a safe, warm, welcoming environment to bring my young son. A place where we can learn and feel part of the community. I love telling him that I also developed a love for books and knowledge at that exact same place. There aren't too many public places left for parents and carers of young children to do this in the neighbourhood. Please don't sell it off. It belongs to everyone in North Kensington, not just the privileged few.”
Sadia Chowdhury 11th of May 2016
“I have used this library since I was about 3 years old & continue to do so. My parents, both cancer patients have and continue to use this as their little community hub throughout treatment. Please do not take away yet another of our treasured local spaces... There are hardly anything as it is.”
Kate Molins 12th of May 2016
“I live near-by and I love having a library so close, I believe that libraries are intrinsic to our society and people's education. I do not believe in this government's short term solution of selling off our assets. It's stupid and everyone thinks so, so perhaps they should think again.”
Rosie Eden 12th of May 2016
“This is my local library that I have attended since a child and now my children have used it. It is an important part of our community and an asset we should not be forced to lose”
Ian Trewin 13th of May 2016
“This is my local library. It is a pleasant place to read and learn. It meets local needs.Once again RBKC is putting profit over the needs of the people of North Kensington.”
Sarah Bouette 13th of May 2016
“I'm signing because I work in the local area and I see how important the library is to local people and children in particular. The area is changing so quickly, it's good to have some things from the past still accessible to the public.”
Eunice Hennell 13th of May 2016
“this is an essential community library.”
Ellie Dowthwaite 14th of May 2016
“I have used this library for over 20 years and it was the first place I went to with my two toddlers when arriving in West London from Kendal in the north. It wS at this library that I met lifelong friends and was directed to other family services such as Maxilla drop in centre. It's a disgrace that this leasing to a private school is in the pipeline. We must work together to stop this from happening.”
Sharon Glavin 14th of May 2016
“The library is for the community not just for a prep school. Stop selling off community property!!!! Otherwise there wont be a community!!!”
Sanid Torlo 14th of May 2016
“Great library for all”
Julian Smith 15th of May 2016
“These are public assets, paid for by past generations. They do not belong to councils, and we have never intentionally delegated authority to them to dispose of or change use. Any such changes should be subject to a public referendum. Good luck with the campaign guys ”
Nicola Gaughan 15th of May 2016
“Get a co working hub such as The Workary to help you keep it open”
Henrietta Palmer 16th of May 2016
“I want to keep this building for local public use”
Palmira Morais 16th of May 2016
“I would like this historical building to be used as a community space. We don;t need more private schools in the area.”
Belinda Hillhouse 16th of May 2016
“Libraries are a vital part of the community for all of us, education for all is key, they should be expanding not closing”
Susanna Mourato 16th of May 2016
“I love this library and have so many fond memories going there as a child with my mum as I do now with my son”
MARK TAHA 16th of May 2016
“Not only do I agree-I used to use it.”
C Bowie 16th of May 2016
“I'm signing this because for the sake of our children they need libraries. They cannot grow up in a completely virtual world!”
R J 17th of May 2016
“Ordinary people libraries. It is the role and responsibility of local authorities to act on behalf of ordinary people.It is NOT the role of local authorities to act as an adjunct of private enterprises. Private schools can”
Marshall Mateer 17th of May 2016
“Public Libraries - open to ALL - knowledge for ALL - community for ALL! (oh and the little guys from the prep academy can call in after skool as well - open to ALL! - they might learn a thing or two. )”
Adam Ritchie 17th of May 2016
“The Royal Borough has public duty to provide for the public good. Leasing our Public Library premises to a private prep school is prejudicial to the public good. It was a sad day to lose the Library, it would be far worse to lease it and lose it from the commonwealth.”
Verity Welstead 17th of May 2016
“Want to keep these open, my husband went here in the early sixties and my children use it now.”
Jenny Jones 18th of May 2016
“I regularly borrow books from here - and the road already has two private prep schools.”
Pat Hall 18th of May 2016
“Libraries are a vital tool to advance education for all,not just the privileged .”
Thomas Marcovici 19th of May 2016
“Im signing because i used to live in the area from age 5 to 24 and use to use the library during that time.”
Bernadette Leckie 19th of May 2016
“I use this library, my children use this library, my grandchildren use this library. Why should we be shoved into some makeshift library and the Prep school have our much-loved and valued community building? I can only think it's money and vested interests of various council members. Yet again the poorer people suffer at the expense of the rich and influential.”
Alexandra Boden 19th of May 2016
“This should be kept as a library serving the local community.”
Martin Muscatt 19th of May 2016
“The library belongs to the Community.”
Jack McSweeney 19th of May 2016
“Libraries are one of the cornerstones of public access to knowledge, a vital public space!”
Mark Bhardway 20th of May 2016
“I'm from Ladbroke Grove area, it's the best library in Kensington”
Alan Wylie 20th of May 2016
“We don’t want our public library space invaded by commercial interests.”
Frances Alexander 20th of May 2016
“Over 15000 people use this facility in one month”
Nika Narkeviciute 20th of May 2016
“This is a really important resource to the community.”
Miranda Little 20th of May 2016
“Libraries are the hearts and souls of our communities and they give people valuable space to think in. Perhaps governments and councils don't want us to do this. Close some liquor stores and you've got a deal.”
Jo Lyford 20th of May 2016
“It's a public library, public property, owned by the people for the people. Keep it that way - private school keep your grubby paws off it.”
Tony Barrell 20th of May 2016
“This is a wonderful library, used and loved by many people. Stop snatching things away!”
Lee Sullivan 20th of May 2016
“Libraries are important. Books are important.”
John Dickinson 20th of May 2016
“I feel its wrong that Libraries are closing.”
Joanna Zenghelis 20th of May 2016
“I'm signing because I don't believe in taking away amenities from the public and placing them in the ownership of profit making companies driven by market forces. Especially libraries, and educational/cultural/sports facilities which benefit and make for a better, healthier society.”
Cereinyn Ord 20th of May 2016
“Libraries are for all children, prep only for a few (selected for nothing akin to merit - not that merit is easily measured)”
Peter Crookston 20th of May 2016
“Libraries are a vital resource for the education of children.”
Jane Adams 20th of May 2016
“it is important to save libraries and especially this one as is the hub of lad broke grove. I visit every week and benefit enormously from my reading jane”
James Fox 20th of May 2016
“This is a fine library that doesn't need replacing. We need to have a thorough consultation process.”
Pam Bamber 20th of May 2016
“Public libraries are essential for local communities”
Leela Muthoora 20th of May 2016
“Public Libraries should be for everyone”
Emily Jelen 20th of May 2016
“It's shit.”
Rachel Grigg 21st of May 2016
“I love this library and enjoy coming to it with my children.”
Richard Pomfret 21st of May 2016
“This is a library I grew up with, it provides a positive community function and would like to see it used by current/future generations in the area. The core identity and culture of the area must be preserved and protected - especially public assets. Let's stop selling everything off shall we?”
Yasmin Tona 23rd of May 2016
“I don't believe the library should be shut down for a private prep school”
Anna Moran 23rd of May 2016
“this beautiful building should be for the use of all residents of North Kensington, not just the paying few.”
Cusack Sally 23rd of May 2016
“Libraries are a vital part of our community. Many local children use the facility for doing their homework.”
Fiona Levey 23rd of May 2016
“The library is a wonderful building that benefits the community. Let's champion the creativity of this area and not see it die once more.”
JEAN MOLLARD 23rd of May 2016
“It's not just a building it's a place. Of learning. ,I have sat. And. Browsed amongst. The books I'm 73 I can feel. The hope. The smell. .. the adventure. Of a place where we have the right. To choose. What. We read. Taking us in to another time. ...WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO TAKE THAT AWAY. FROM US ...GREED. FRIGHTENED. WE WILL FIND OUT TO MUCH. ABOUT. HOW CORRUPT THIS PLANET IS. AND. WHO IS UP FRONT LEADING IT .”
Patricia Bamford 24th of May 2016
“A much loved library and media building which is experiencing significant increased usage in recent years.”
Joanna Hogan 25th of May 2016
“It is an important part of the community with a lot of history.”
Karima Tribak 25th of May 2016
“Because north ken library is part of our local history and has been an important part of my life and my children's life. I want it to remain so that it's still here to benefit future generation to come.”
Moira Bogue Flynn 26th of May 2016
“this old building is part of the local character, it's what makes going to the library so special, it's real, spacious and inviting. part of the few "feel good" things left in our community … locals are being left with fewer and fewer authentic experiences and need places like this beautiful library as an oasis of calm. It has an unquantifiable importance to the enrichment of the lives of the local community, a place where all people (regardless of race or social status) come together to use the facilities in harmony. If handed over for private use it would be such a shame and a great loss for all who live here.”
Grace Loncraine 26th of May 2016
“I object to the flagrant disregard our politicians too often show, throughout the country, for the wishes and best interest of local residents. You are not elected to act independently of your constituents, and you would be well advised to keep this in mind.”
Juliette Bauccio 26th of May 2016
“Kensington library is the largest library in the borough. It's more than that, it's a meeting place and to close it and open something else with no character regardless of size or location would not be able to create the same atmosphere and feeling for residents.”
Marta Reina 26th of May 2016
“I do care the heritage and public use for facilities”
Clare Thomson 26th of May 2016
“Because I believe local libraries are the best way to get our children reading, ,especially when they are not the privilege children who migt be going to this lucrative new private school, taking away opportunities from the less well off and quite possibly the most talented (remember the work famed novelist and state-school educated Zadie Smith did to promote library access and reading for all in Northwest London. Shame on the council. How dare they spend my mother's council tax in this shameful way. Eton, upon Eton, upon Eton, had enough!”
Sukhraj Randhawa 26th of May 2016
“There's no Imposition in Democracy!”
Hazel Sabey 27th of May 2016
“I have known this library all my life.”
James Mcgrath 28th of May 2016
“I'm local and have been using this library since childhood. I don't think it should not go to private elite school, the historical building should be for the community to enjoy”
Cherie McGrath 28th of May 2016
“Please save our library, I having been going here and my children and grandchildren have also been going here for years.”
Zena Naidu 29th of May 2016
“North Kensington Library is a valuable place for public use. The building should remain accessible to the public, the community as the library. It is totally out of order and downright criminal that it should be absorbed as a corporate asset.”
Fiona Parkin 29th of May 2016
“Library's are our right, and our responsibility to keep up. I have used this library with my students, and it's a beautiful free space that all can use. The Council has no right to take it away from us.”
Rick Britt 30th of May 2016
“I use this library regularly. As far as I'm aware, this distinguished building in a prominent place on Ladbroke Grove was paid for with public donations, for use by the public, and was handed into the keeping of the Council to run. So it's not the Council's to dispose of in the first place, let alone to 'asset strip' it for a gentrified image for a private school whilst replacing it with a box built round the back out of sight ( and out of mind). So build a box round the back for the private school and rent it to them. Overall, a disgusting attitude by the Council - an abuse and misuse of a public resource. Shame on you!”
Salley Vickers 2nd of June 2016
“I am a best-selling author who grew up reading books from my local library. I would never have become a writer without this early introduction to good books. Save this for our children's future”
Yvette Skinner 2nd of June 2016
“That library is a legacy and information hub to the community. Far too many buildings are being sold off to developers. Let's maintain some heritage.”
Richard Johnson 2nd of June 2016
“It was my childhood library”
Hattie Lambrou 3rd of June 2016
“Please don't take away this space which is such a vital part of the community.”
Patricia Bamford 3rd of June 2016
“Don't relocate this library. The building itself is a much loved institution in North Kensington. A handsome building, the high ceilinged, large windowed interior rooms are a wonderful physical space to be in. The essence of the place gives a lift to the spirit. To take this beautiful building way from the public would be a crime. Added insult would be to move the library to some characterless, anonymous, featurelessly built structure.”
LORNA JONES 7th of June 2016
“Im a signing this as libraries are the back bone of all communities +education for young people.”
Rahima Becic 11th of June 2016
“North Kensington is our community not just bits of area to be monetorised. If this library cannot be made fit for us disabled people to access, why would we be able to get to ken hi St????”
Alison Rose 11th of June 2016
“We need this valuable resource for our community”
John Armah 13th of June 2016
“Libraries are the backbone of a civilised society.”
Camilla May 13th of June 2016
“I use the library as does my family, this allows the community to be educated not just a few privileged 4-12 year olds”
Ben Mayers 13th of June 2016
“This is an invaluable resource in a historic building, which my wheelchair bound son has enjoyed for many years”
Georgia Dussad 13th of June 2016
“I support access to key services and historic sites and oppose more privatisation in a borough that is already elitist”
Piers Butler 13th of June 2016
“I live in the borough”
Lara Wetherby 14th of June 2016
“Libraries are a fundamental tool for the community and children begin education at the library ...accessible info is important for our lives .”
Dinaz Stafford 20th of June 2016
“I use it all the time”
Sean Harley 29th of June 2016
“This library is vitally part of our community. If they close this library we demand the building is kept for community use, and not private ownership.”
Louise Edgington 29th of June 2016
“Keep library open for future generation”
Zoe Richardson 30th of June 2016
“I am one of five generations of my family all born and bred and life-long citizens of North Kensington - commencing with the marriage of my great-grandparents in St Mark's Church on St Mark's Road in 1880, right up to my son and nephews - who, throughout the past 125 years, since it opened in 1891, have all used and been enriched by North Kensington Library at 108 Ladbroke Grove, W10. This is a magnificent, public building. It belongs to the people. The Tory Kensington and Chelsea Council have absolutely no justification or right to asset-strip this fine building which is an integral part of our shared heritage and community, and to hand it over to an elite minority for the use of a private prep school. Outrageous! NO, to further yuppification of North Kensington. NO, to the ongoing cleansing of the working classes from our roots and rightful place in north Kensington! Our fine library building must be saved for the enjoyment and benefit of the whole of our community!!!”
Hugo Richardson 30th of June 2016
“I've been going to this library since I was a child. It is a beautiful building and MUST be saved for our local community. It mustn't go into private hands like my grandma's former junior school did (known as Lancaster Road School in the 1920s and as Ladbroke Secondary School in the 1970s when my aunty was a pupil there). RBKC handed that building to Virgin for its private healthclub. Similarly, the old Adult Education Centre, also formerly the domestic science wing of Ladbroke School, situated immediately adjacent to the rear entrance of North Kensington Library, was handed by RBKC already years ago to a private prep school and now it wants our library building, too, to go to a private prep school (sounds like an expansion of the same private prep school into 2 adjacent buidlings). RBKC council doesn't have a mandate to steal our public assets by the back door. The community has never been consulted by the council on any one of these. Shameful.”
Tom Lennard 20th of October 2016
“It is important to me.”
Peter Massey-Cook 29th of October 2016
“The public sector needs to retain buildings of architectural importance or all public amenities will migrate to portakabins. This is needless erosion of the quality of public services.”
Rosemary Haworth-Booth 18th of November 2016
“Libraries are a vital resource to people from all levels of society but especially the old, vulnerable and poor.”
Hayley Gilson 11th of February 2017
“We need to keep our community”
Marian Moriarty 18th of February 2017
“I use the library to learn french and prevent dementia”
Arif Mamedov 23rd of February 2017
“i want to use library for my education”
Corene Vaughan-hughes 2nd of March 2017
“We've used this valuable library as it's close by . It's was especially useful when my kids were younger as they had great sessions for pre school aged kids .”
Steve Bell 2nd of March 2017
“The council needs to be held to account for its actions... I can think of many better uses the building could be put to rather than for a profit making school”
Terence Boccius 2nd of March 2017
“I believe the library is beneficial to the local people”
Angie Morby 2nd of March 2017
“I use the library and hope parents take their children to borrow books ,study and enjoy ,engaging with real people , looking at real paper pages and illustrations .It i so important . Before the internet i used the library , better than the internet if i think of it as i had to venture out , ask and be pointed in the direction of my interest and discover ! Magic !”
Catherine Annis 2nd of March 2017
“This is a beautiful, public building, and will be a sad loss to the community.”
Marion Gettleson 3rd of March 2017
“This is a public facility built with public funds and must continue to be used for the public's benefit.”
Abdulaziz Beshir 3rd of March 2017
“I live few minutes away from the library, surely myself and my wife have benefited from it and its location.”
Susan Murphy 3rd of March 2017
“This library is a very important asset to the neighbourhood.”
Mo Kane 3rd of March 2017
“This is an important historic building that is part of our community and should remain for public use and not be sold off /given away for private enterprise, school or otherwise”
Charlotte Creed 3rd of March 2017
“Update the existing library. Why build a new one? You seem to be putting the interests of private education ahead of state educational provision. Why?”
Irina Thesleff 4th of March 2017
“The building works will cause traffic and disruption to the local area. Furthermore the design of the new building is not only over bearing but it will change the character of the neighborhood.”
Ian Grant 4th of March 2017
“Kensington Public Library is an essential part of community life in the area and a valuable public service. Do not remove or replace this facility! If anything it needs to be sensitively upgraded only where necessary and where the management and members of the library deem appropriate! The council are there to SERVE not to dictate.”
Hapi Jen 4th of March 2017
“I have known decades of generations whom have utilised this invaluable amenity in this vicinity -It is a public building & service for the community -Disabled adaptations can be employed at a mere fraction of the cost of relocating to a new library building -How is it possible to sell off all our public buildings,libraries,fire stations,police stations etc,without consulting the general public?Let the Private new school build their own or renovate some dilapidated unused shell,elsewhere.Our local public heritage is still being used by the people & is not up for an exploitative greedy sale -”
John Henry Louis Biddulph Carter 4th of March 2017
“Like Kneller Hall it must survive.”
Jacqueline Straw 4th of March 2017
“Who needs a private prep school for rich people? A library is much more important,so that everyone has access to books.”
Fiona Foster 7th of March 2017
“I am a great supporter of libraries.”
George Hencken 7th of March 2017
“giving this beautiful public building away to a private prep school is yet another example of the contempt with which RBK&C treats all but it's wealthiest citizens”
Niall Pembroke 7th of March 2017
“This is a public library and a beautiful landmark building that belongs to the residents of North Kensington and should not be sold or leased for use as a private school”
Becky Pomfret 8th of March 2017
“I've used this library since the 1970s and my son uses it now. We can't lose a piece of our heritage!!”