Our Environment: Clean & Green

Tayshan Hayden-Smith hosts guest panellists.

Tayshan Hayden-Smith, born & raised in North Kensington, brought love & life to his community surrounding Grenfell Tower, initiating the ‘Grenfell Garden of Peace’ among several other pivotal green spaces in the local area, adopting the name The Grenfell Guerrilla Gardener at the time. Typically known for his interest & career in football, Tayshan is keen to empower young people through gardening & nature. At 23 years old, Tayshan is a young man of mixed heritage & is passionate about being ...

Panellists & Artists

Alexander D Great

Born in Port of Spain, Trinidad, Alexander grew up in London from the age of five. On leaving school in the mid 1960s he became a professional musician/songwriter, creating his own style from a mix of Beatles, Blues and Baroque music. In the early 1970s he spent a year in the USA playing with a 50 - piece band. There he learned to arrange and orchestrate, after which he took a BA in Music at Dartington College, followed by a PGCE at Roehampton. He has taught music at secondary and tertiary levels as well as musicianship and composition to degree students at Brunel University. Alex has also presented lectures/seminars on Calypso at the universities of Huddersfield, Leeds, Nottingham, Queen's University, Belfast and Morley College, London.

Constantine Gras

Constantine Gras is a member of Wornington Trees - a campaigning group that was set up to oppose the destructive tree felling on Wornington Green Estate undertaken by Catalyst Housing and RBKC council and the lack of meaningful consultation with residents and the wider community during the regeneration.

Jonathan Kelly

Jonathan Kelly is a Team Member of Better Streets - a group of local volunteers united by a common wish to make our streets safer, healthier and happier, now and for future generations.

Marco Picardi

Marco is a member of RAP23 - a sub group of Westway23 concerned with air quality in North Kensington. We aim to create awareness of the harmful effect of air pollution in North Kensington and provide a digital forum for solutions. To influence policy to improve the quality of air in North Kensington