our library saved

Our Eco Crisis

The Built Environment

Extreme weather paterns are a major problem for us all.

In North Kensington hundreds of households had to move to temporary accommodation, and the Children's Library itself has only just re-opened after July's flooding.

Holland Park recently saw the cutting down of a row of Mature Plane trees, due to draught, which intern caused the flooding and closing of the South Lawn.

Many newly planted trees have also died during the long periods of recent droughts.

Guests are invited to speak about new development changes to the area and what effect they are having.


Isis Amlak

Isis has been active in local democracy and community organising for most of that time and is a seasoned activist and campaigner, passionate about racial and social justice, dating back her days as an Anti-Apartheid, Non-Stop Picketer, in the late 80s. She sits on the board of the Octavia Foundation.

Public Participation


If possible use ear piece with microphone to get the best sound quality. Connect to your internet via a wired connection not wifi.


By agreeing to speak at this event you understand it will be live streamed to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter and made publicly available afterwards, unless there is good reason, but we hope to avoid such scenarios.


The following measures will be used in all sessions to ensure that all participants including children and young people are protected while taking part in our event.

Abusive or inappropriate behaviour by any other attendee at the event will not be tolerated and the offending person will be immediately removed from the session and potentially referred to the appropriate authorities.

At no point will children and/or young people be in one-on-one conversation with any single other person. There will always be a Host/ Co-Host or representative of one of the youth organisations (all of whom have safeguarding policies in place) present.

Although we recognise that being able to see one another helps sessions feel more interactive and personal, we respect that some people including children and/young people may wish to turn their video feed off, or parts of it. They can do this using the “Stop Video” button at the bottom of their screen.

Thank you!