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Our Eco Reparations

Environmental Reparations Demands & Divestment.

Climate Change Inequity is the disparity between 'rich' Country's global income and emissions % vs that of 'poor' Countries.

Reperations demands for Colonial Injustices have long been argued for. Climate action groups realise these injustices need to be resolved if we are serious about tackling climate change.

Panellists & Artists

Dr Keston Perry
Climate Reparations - lecturer in economics at the University of the West of England and political economist with expertise in climate policy and justice, international political economy, development policy, resource-based industrialisation and economic development issues in the Global South.
Mama D. Ujuaje
Breadlines a new journal for Food Justice Systems of Food and Systems of Violence. A Decolonial take on Food Systems Video from Esther Stanford-Xosei - Reparations & the Climate Justice movement
Marcus Garvey
Marcus has spent almost 20 years working within the social enterprise sector. He worked on training and employment programmes supporting (predominantly) young black men across London for 9 years, before founding his own social enterprise, Rise International, in 2009. Since then, Rise International has provided thousands of young people from marginalised backgrounds with fully funded work placements in several different countries across Europe. http://riseinternational.org.uk